Platelet-Rich Plasma is a natural method using your own biomaterial to heal your body and boost collagen.

PRP is a process in which your plasma (packed with your body’s natural healing properties such as growth factors) is extracted and used in different ways to boost collagen production, and help with volume and hair loss.

What You Need to Know

PRP for Hair Restoration
  • Your practitioner will extract your blood plasma and then it can be applied on the scalp and injected in areas affected by hair loss. After four treatments you can expect to see 30% more growth in affected areas but many people see more.
  • This treatment takes around 30 minutes, there are minimal risks but you may experience some soreness and mild bruising as a result of the extraction or if you opt to have it injected. This should subside quickly.
PRP with Microneedling
  • Your practitioner will extract your blood plasma and apply it to the desired treatment area on the skin (most commonly the face). A microneedling device will be used to infuse the PRP into the treatment area, providing excellent results with minimal downtime!
  • Learn more about microneedling.
PRP in Place of Fillers
  • PRP injections have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional fillers for rejuvenating and enhancing the skin's appearance. This non-surgical procedure typically takes around 30 minutes and can be repeated every four weeks as needed.
PRP post Morphues

When PRP is combined with Morpheus, it aids in the healing process, reduces swelling and redness and boosts collagen production elevating the results from your Morpheus treatment.


  • PRP injections or hair restoration $899 
  • PRP with microneedling $999

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December 2021