Anti-inflammatory. Anti-aging. No blood draw! Exosomes are one thousand times stronger for cellular regeneration when compared to PRP.

Exosomes are cellular communicators, and can transfer numerous growth factors, cytokines, and genetic material that are clinically proven to repair tissue, decrease redness and skin irritation, improve skin lesions and scars, as well as decrease pore size.

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What you need to know

Exosomes can be used for hair restoration or skin rejuvenation. We can infuse exosomes into the skin using a microneedling device, or during your microgold facial for incredible results.

Exosome Hair Restoration
  • Your practitioner will inject exosomes in areas affected by hair loss. After four treatments you can expect to see 30% more growth in treated areas but many people see more.
  • This treatment takes around 30 minutes, there are minimal risks but you may experience some soreness and mild bruising as a result of the injection. This should subside quickly.
Microneedling with Exosomes
  • Your practitioner will apply the exosomes to the desired treatment area on the skin (most commonly the face but can be done on other parts of the body as well). A microneedling device will be used to infuse the exosomes into the treatment area, providing excellent results with minimal downtime!
  • Learn more about microneedling.


  • Exosome Hair Restoration: - $999/session
  • Exosome with Microneedling: - $999

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Photo of woman before Exosome treatment
Photo of woman 5 days after Exosome treatment
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