The latest vitamin and essential mineral injections for weight loss, improved vitality, immunity, and beauty.

Your practitioner will discuss what shots you need and then administer an optimum dose safely to help you look and feel amazing.

Treatments take 15 minutes or less, you may encounter some bruising at the injection site but this will last a couple of days at most.

What You Need to Know

Your practitioner can customize your treatment to suit your individual needs. Below is a list of treatments we offer and their benefits.

    • Lipostat to aid in weight loss burning fat and converting to energy

    • B12 to boost energy and fight fatigue 

    • Glutathione for antioxidants and anti-aging 

    • Biotin (Vitamin B7) for hair, skin, nail growth, and maintenance

    • Vitamin C for immunity and skin brightness 

    • Vitamin D3 for calcium absorption and bone growth


  • $75 as an add-on to other services

How to Order

  1. Fill out our Book Now form below

  2. A BAE will reach out to schedule an appointment.

  3. A $99 deposit is required at time of booking, but will be applied to your service. Total cost of services will be estimated following a consultation.

  4. A BAE will arrive at your location with personalized service!

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I’m so grateful this service exists! It made getting injectables so much easier with my crazy schedule. I would highly recommend LeBae!

Alexa G.

January 2022